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Galesburg Daily Register-Mail, December 3, 1935
by Harry Grayson, Sports Editor, NEA Service

NEW YORK - Those in command of the main body of heavyweight wrestlers are said to have decided upon the successor of Danno O'Mahoney as champion.   The fortunate young behemoth is reported to be Ernie Dusek, of the Four Omaha Duseks.

Ernie Dusek, 25, has filled out to a good 240 pounds within the last year, and is blessed with all the qualities of the ideal titleholder.   He is one of the more magnetic attractions.   He can emote with the best.   The bugs either attend to see him pull somebody apart or be pulled apart himself.   And the biggest thing of all in his favor is that he really can wrestle.   The young man requires no policemen or bodygu ards.

Ernie Dusek has been around several years now, and is entitled to the opportunity.   Besides, his oldest brother, Rudy, is one of the powers of the industry, being actively associated with Jack Curley and Joe (Toots) Mondt, of the New York branch.   I hear it was Rudy's insistence that brought about the decision in his kid brother's favor.

O'Mahoney Poor Repeater
The dethroning of O'Mahoney is scheduled to take place between now and the Irishman's return to his native land in March.   O'Mahoney has served his purpose and even the clan is commencing to object to his being the head man.   The most damaging indictment against the former soldier is that he cannot be brought back to the more important centers at a profit.

O'Mahoney had little or no experience when Jack McGrath, of Worcester, imported him.   Danno obtained a lot of publicity through the introduction of the Irish whip, whatever that is, but it generally was agreed that Jim Londos presented the title to him in Boston last summer.   Danno was quite an attraction for a time, particularly with the Irish of south Boston, but lost appeal with each appearance.   He does not look the part of a champion, and shortly began to attract unfavorable press notices.   This is fatal to a star pachyderm.

"O'Mahoney doesn't know any more about wrestling than John Quincy Adams did at the age of 3," read one typical New York report.   "He isn't strong.   His arms and chest and legs are thoseof a youngster who is still years shy of complete development.   He drew only a handful to the Garden."

San Francisco critic asserted that O'Mahoney represented in the crudest pattern the fraud of wrestling.   In Detroit, he "looked like a high school tackle trying to make the team."

The grappling lords basked in the glow of O'Mahoney sucker money for a time, but have emerged with a painful sunburn.   They fumbled with the gates when they tried to stuff Danno down the patrons' throats.

Wrestlers Demand Change
As long as O'Mahoney drew the customers, the remainder of the field made no protest, but when the trade stayed away in vast numbers, the clan commenced to howl for a worthier leader.   Billy Sandow, who managed Ed Strangler Lewis for more than 20 years, has led the fight against O'Mahoney.

It is significant that the man Sandow is ballyhooing, Everett Marshall, has not met O'Mahoney since the son of old Erin gained possession of the diamond belt.   Every time Marshall appears, which is five or six nights a week, Sandow hops into the ring to offer O'Mahoney a substantial guarantee and $5,000 to charity in return for his signing a match with Marshall.   This isn't doing the bonebending dodge any good, and the better ear manglers want a limb twister on top who can do something about it.

Ernie Dusek appears to be the man.   The Duseks are known as Wrestling's Riot Squad.   The other two brothers are Emil and Joey.   They are Bohemians.   Rudy was taught by the renowned Farmer Burns and in turn instructed his brothers.   The present plan is for the four to make a world tour with Ernie wearing the crown.   Those close to the racket tell you that O'Mahoney will be the last of the trick, or built-up, champions.   It is suspected that their experience with Danno has taught the powers a good lesson.

Wrestling may be largely acrobatics, but even those who pay to see it insist that the champion know a flying mare from a flying trapeze.

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