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Famous Wrestler and Athlete Confident of Defeating Zbyszko

Hartford Daily Courant -- March 16, 1919

Robert Frederick, known in wrestling circles as Ed (Strangler) Lewis, who will meet Wladek Zbyszko, Polish champion, in Madison Square Garden Friday night for the world's championship, in a finish match, is an all around athlete.   He coached the football, basketball and wrestling teams at Kentucky State University.

Lewis never attended college, but his general knowledge of all branches of sport made him a valuable man as coach.   While connected with the university he played on various professional basketball teams in the Southern League.

In the football season Lewis had complete charge of Kentucky state teams.   He taught the linemen various forms of leg locks, body checks and how to use their hands to the best advantage on the defense.

It was while coaching the wrestling team that Lewis began to study his now famous headlock.   When he first started as a public performer he had not mastered the lock, but because he threw as many men in the South his headlock, which was then a strangle hold, he was given the nickname of "Strangler."

Wrestling fans will recall when Lewis went to Chicago, about six years ago, and was beaten by Fred Beell, Americus and Charley Cutler.   He attributed those defeats to the referees, who claimed his headlock was a strangle hold, and made him break the lock every time he put it on.

Lewis returned to his home in Kentucky and worked on his favorite hold.   He shifted the lock higher and away from the throat, so there was no chance for a strangle.   When he had mastered it he secured a return match with Charley Cutler won won.   He then went to Baltimore, where he beat Americus with the same hold.

Since that time his victories on the mat have been largely secured through the famous headlock. It was the hold that won two falls for him over Stecher in Chicago recently and it is the one with which he expects to win over Wladek Zbyszko when he tackles the title claimant in New York Friday.   Either man must secure a fall or money will be refunded to the spectators.

Lewis is out with an offer to wager $5,000 that he will defeat his rival for the title.   The "Strangler" adds that to win his bet he must pin Zbyszko to the mat.   He is more than anxious to conquer Zbyszko, for a victory would crown him the undisputed champion of the world.

Lewis declares he has increased the crushing power of his deadly headlock, the hold that almost wrecked the last tournament held in New York.

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