The WAWLI Papers

The WAWLI Papers is a serious inquiry into pro wrestling history over the Strangler Lewis-Lou Thesz era (1915-1966).   J Michael Kenyon, one of professional wrestling's most knowledgeable historians, opens his personal archives and shares his treasures of wrestling history.   Riveting stories of the greats are found in The WAWLI Papers.   Inside each e-mail based issue, you'll find reports of famous matches, news articles, win-loss records of the legends, results, and stories about most of the major, and minor, territories.   All of this and much more can be found in TWP.   J Michael Kenyon has definitely produced one of the most significant and encyclopedic works on wrestling of the century.

J Michael Kenyon has been a wrestling fan since 1952.   He has produced a variety of newsletters and results projects, and was the president of the Shag Thomas International Fan Club from 1960 to 1962.   He later wrote for Ring Magazine, Ring Wrestling, Wrestling World, The Wrestler (England) and Boxing Illustrated-Wrestling News.   J Michael became a referee when Dean Silverstone began promoting in the Northwest.

His online publication, The WAWLI Papers, is one of the most important and thorough wrestling projects ever attempted.   The WAWLI Papers are intended to spur the interest of modern-day fans into inquiring about and conducting research into the sports' formative period, or approximately between the years 1915 and 1966 when, between them, Ed (Strangler) Lewis and Lou Thesz were the dominant headlinerse.

This was "WAWLI" ... or "WRESTLING AS WE LIKED IT" ... and readers' contributions are certainly welcome!!

Ed Lewis Once A College Coach
Mat Money
The Western Circuit
The Championship Muddle
Neck Yoke Helps Strangler Lewis In Bid For Honors
Dr. Pfefer's Groaner Ward
Mildred Burke, 73, Dies After Stroke
Gotch Quits Mat With Clean Record
History of the Mat Traced -- 24 Champions
The Masked Marvel's Last Toehold
By the Redoubtable Dan Parker
This 'n That About Professional Wrestling
Joe Stecher Defends Title Against Ed Lewis
From Out of the Mailbag
Dusek Slated to Succeed O'Mahoney as Mat Champ
Confessions of a Pro Wrestling Booker
Jack Wentworth -- Forty Years in Wrestling
Symphony No Match for Wrestlers
Accident May Cost McGuirk His One Good Eye
Excerpt from 'Baa Baa Black Sheep'
Pesek on Playing 'Policeman' For Ed Lewis
Are Wrestler's People?
Crash Finished Career on Mat
The Grunt and Groan Business
In the Name of Sports, A Man Was Killed!
Citizens Demand Permanent Ban on Wrestling
Sports Board Criticized at Inquest
Wrestlers Warned as Death Probe Ends
Vince McMahon: The Tradition Lives On
The Story They Couldn't Tell About Ed "Strangler" Lewis
Hackenschmidt -- Remember Him?
Is Wrestling Honest?
What's Happened to Old-Time Favourites?
The Incredible Story of Strangler Lewis
Strangler Lewis Weds Art Student at Riverside
Strangler Lewis Got Double X in Mix at NY, is Charge
Fourth Marriage Revealed by Strangler Lewis
Former Wrestling Champ Buys Residence Realty
Women in Game Draw Strangler Lewis's Ire
Wrestling Promoters Elect Strangler Lewis
Stan (The Man) Stasiak: A Final Farewell
A Potpourri of Mat Lore, History and Legend
Three Matmen Go West
Wild Bull Rides Herd in Hartford Lockup
The Casey Brothers: The Toughest Family on Earth
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