Vic Orlandino's Top 10

Having wrestled with the likes of Dick the Bruiser, The Sheik, Verne Gagne and Pat O'Connor, Vic Orlandino likes to refer to himself as a former "punching bag for the stars."  Vic started wrestling in the early '70s as Vic Eagles, but was better known as Chuck Cell to fans in the Midwest.  Vic was featured in issue #39 of "Whatever Happened to ...?"

Books You'll Never See On Amazon.com

"1001 Wrestling Holds"
by Bruno Sammartino

"Establishing Your Identity"
co-authored by Don Fargo and Guy Mitchell

"Discovering Sudan"
by Abdullah the Butcher

"The Championship Years"
by Kenny Jay

"My Favorite Gimmick Matches"
by Lou Thesz

"Making It On Your Own"
by Greg Gagne

"Conversational German"
by Baron Von Raschke

"Removing Unwanted Body Hair"
by Dutch Mantell

"I Was a Spy for the KGB"
by Ivan Koloff

"How to Treat a Lady"
by the Great Mephisto

Two-Volume Book Sets Found on Amazon.com

Wrestlers Cheated by Nick Gulas

Aliases of Mike Shaw

Stretched by Danny Hodge

What's Wrong with the WWF

Family Trees of the Harts, Armstrongs, Welchs, and Fullers

History of Failed Independent Promotions

Moose Cholak's Favorite Midwest Smorgasbords

Lou Thesz' Career Record

Victims of the Sheik's Fireballs

Abdullah the Butcher's Guide to Breaking Rules

What a Booker Will Never Say to Lou Thesz

"We want you to go under the hood tonight."

"For the finish, you use brass knucks on O'Connor."

"You're in a mixed tag with Moolah and Sky Low Low."

"Buddy Rogers and you are teaming up against ..."

"After you K.O. the ref ..."

"How about a little color in your match?"

"Don't hurt the bear."

"You don't mind putting Rocca over, do you?"

"There's a $1000 bonus in your pay envelope."

"The check is in the mail."

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