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Texas Shootout 2004
by Larry Dwyer

On February 7th, 2004, Red Bastien hosted his annual Texas Shootout in Arlington, Texas.  With the tremendous turnout last year, the luncheon was moved to a larger venue, Bodacious Barbecue, where Travis Baxter of Professional Championship Wrestling provided lunch for everyone.  PCW is the local promotion (thegym.org) that also gave away tickets to their show later that evening.

Britt Britton, promoter of Wrestlecon (wrestlecon.com), afforded the stars of his autograph/memorabilia event some free time to also attend the get-together.  Red himself raised a sizable contribution to the CAC benevolent fund by appearing at Wrestlecon the next day.

After lunch, Red and his trusty assistant, Larry Dwyer, welcomed everyone, and proceeded to introduce the stars from Wrestlecon in attendance, the theme this year being a Devastation Inc. reunion.  In attendance were General Skandor Akbar, Mick Foley, Kimala, Missing Link, King Kong Bundy, Killer Brooks, along with Al Snow, Steve "Dr. Death" Williams, and Ric Steiner.  For three hours, the microphone was passed around with all of the boys sharing their favorite rib or joke from their career.

Others in attendance were &mdash James Beard, Ivan and Scott Putski, Killer Tim Brooks, Ric Manning, Kit Carson, Tom Jones, Nick Kozak, Johnny Mantell, Tom Renesto Jr., Ken Ramey, Karl Kox, Khris Germany, Jackie Goldman, Silento Rodriguez, Tank Gilbert, Bill Colvils, Marc Lowrance, Doug Johnson, Sputnik and Bubba Monroe, Nikla Roberts, Bullman Downs, Chico Caballo, Jason Kettner, Chris Morrow, Clifford Hory, Bill Mercer, Tadd Murphy, Fred Urban, Wallace Evans, Chris Youngblood, Jonah, and Robert Player.

A great time was had by all.  Many of the boys went to the PCW show that night, or attended Wrestlecon up the street at the convention center.  CAC was promoted there by Red, Bethany, and Larry Dwyer, signing up many new members.

Hats off to Red for another great get-together!!

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