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Wrestling Legends in Dothan!
by Michael Calloway


Dothan wrestling couldn't be more alive than it is after tonight!  All I can say is "totally freakin awesome".  The undercard was ... well, the undercard.  However, there were some surprises before the main event.  And speaking of the MAIN EVENT, it was everything I could hope for.

Talked to Ron West before the show.  He was very excited by the turnout.  Looked to me and him to be in the 1500-2000 range.  We talked briefly about the Cleveland, Tennessee Turnbuckle show.  Says its already done about $1500 in advance sales.  Said that Turnbuckle may be doing a show in Eufaula, Alabama, which is 45 miles north of here on the Georgia line.  Kind of surprised by that one.

They have stations lined up for TV, just doesn't know when it will start.   Ron also mentioned some type of TV in Dothan on WDHN Channel 18, especially since Charlie Platt works there.

As for tonight ...

The banner was Universal Wrestling Federation.  Sponsors for the event were 96.9 WDJR, WESP 102.5, Hot 105.3, Comcast Cable, WTVY 95.5, Coca Cola, and Thompson Floor Covering.  Even before the first match, ringside announcer Brent West announces that due to the overwhelming response tonight, a return date has been set for Friday, February 9.  Mentioned to be on the card will be former Southeastern performer Norvell Austin AND longtime Gulf Coast and Southeastern legend Don Carson.   Plus, that night will be a tribute to the career of Bob Armstrong.

Match #1
Wild Thing (w/manager Gemini) vs. Adrian Street (w/Linda)
Adrian does his same gimmick entrance he's been doing for years, which the crowd loves.  After a short match Street gets the pin fall with a rollup.

Match #2
Handicap Match
The Curtail vs. Scott Armstrong
After some rambling by the heels, promoter Ron West comes to the ring and forces the Curtail to face Scott "tonight in this very ring in Dothan, Alabama".  Scott gets the mic and begins talking about Dothan and having his very first match right down the road in the Houston County Farm Center, which of course gets a huge pop from the crowd.  Another quick match that sees Armstrong win with the Super kick.

Match #3
Special Challenge Match
Jerry Stubbs vs. Johnny Rich
Both men come to the ring in sweat pants, tee shirts, and tennis shoes.  Stubbs is hilarious as he plays up his age, asking Rich to take it easy on the old man.  Tells Rich this ring aint as soft as it used to be.  When he takes off his hat of course the crowd starts laughing at the bald head of Stubbs, who then blames Arn Anderson for starting the "pea head" names, Rich reminds Jerry that Arn also called Stubbs "chrome dome".  Jerry asks the crowd doesn't anything ever change.  This was another short match that did see a couple of arm drags (surprise) by both men.  Something happened when Jerry tossed Rich over the tope rope, and Johnny apparently hurt his knee.  Rather than win by count out Stubbs says rule the match a draw and as he helped Rich back from the ring both men are applauded.

Match #4
U.W.F. Title
Magnificent Pedro vs. Lord Humongous
I was totally surprised by this one.  This is the SAME HUMONGOUS that was a part of the Stud Stable in Southeastern 1984, not Sid but I believe Mike Stark.  Humongous wins with a double handed choke slam after former Southeastern referee Larry Brock pushes Pedro from the top turnbuckle.

Before the main event, we had a 10-bell salute for Gordon Solie.  Very nice.

Main Event Time
Before the participants come to the ring, Jerry Stubbs asks if he be the special referee since he can't stand any of the people about to come to the ring.  Therefore, he can call it straight down the middle.   Yeah, right.

First out to the ring are the team of Robert Fuller and Jimmy Golden with their manager Wild Thing.  Actually, Fuller and Golden were meet with a round of cheers, the fans in Dothan clearly showing the longtime competitors the respect they deserve.  Next, however, comes the playing of "Bad to the Bone," which brings out The Bullet (Bob Armstrong) and the Masked Georgia JawJacker (Steve Armstrong).  The place is going crazy for the routine that Bob has made famous throughout the south of dancing around ringside.  But we're missing someone, right?  After some trash talking by Robert Fuller and Bullet, the manager of Bullet and JawJacker is announced ... 6'9", 270 lbs. from Knoxville, Tennessee, the Real Tennessee Stud -- Ron Fuller!!  Of course, Robert and Jimmy are going bonkers in the ring as the Stud struts to ringside, with Robert yelling defaming remarks towards Ron about Ron being old, out of shape, has beens.

When the match begins, we DO get about 15 minutes of good ole fashion Southern Rasslin'.  Bob and Jimmy were throwing some chops on each other in the corner that would have made Ric Flair proud.  We also got to see some of Ron Fuller's trademark roundhouse rights on the head of Wild Thing after Things constant interfering.  The ending comes as Bullet has the sleeper hold on Golden, but instead of a three-count by Stubbs, Jerry throws powder into the eyes of Bullet, blinding him and giving the pin fall to the team of Golden and Fuller.

Oh, but it ain't over yet!!  Now its a melee in the ring.  As Bullet is blinded by the powder, JawJacker is battling Wild Thing.  Stubbs, Golden, and Robert are beating down Ron in the corner when Scott Armstrong tries to help even the sides.  Notice I said "tries".  YOU DIDN'T KNOW!  YOU'RE ASS BETTER CALL SOMEBODY!!  Out comes running and sliding to the ring Road Dawg Jesse James!  Needless to say its time for the Stable and Stubbs to high tail and run.

Now comes the buildup for the February 9 show with good mic work from Bullet, Ron, Robert, and, of course, Road Dawg, who gets the "doggy style" comment in.  Announced for February 9 is Bullet and the Boys with Ron against Robert, Jimmy, and Stubbs.  Also, due to prior commitments on that date, Ron West has assigned as "Special Commissioner" for that night longtime Dothan announcer Charlie Platt, who was also in attendance.

Jerry Stubbs was also on Platt's early morning TV show Friday.

As you guys can tell, it was a hell of a night, and can't wait for next month's show.

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