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From: Jose Fernandez

Jim Zordani's great post about Brody was not written to be an article, but it has a better recollection of information, facts and hypothesis than most "Brody" tributes you see around.

I, like almost everybody else, am a Brody fan.  Not the greatest, but I think the he was a hell of a brawler and a very exciting wrestler.  Also, I am not a fan of Invader at all.  He was quite good when he was younger, but he has been awful during the last 15 years or so.

I have read a lot about Bruiser Brody, but there's only so much you can find reading articles on the net, reading Meltzer, etc., as you rarely find "alternative" points of view.  I have talked to several Puerto Rican fans in the past, including somebody who worked for the World Wrestling Council office (NOT at the time of the death, though) and who provided me a very interesting point of view.  I am sure that he never lied to me because he was 100% honest with other stuff and openly talked to me about the problems that Capitol Sports/WWC was having over money, wrestlers "stealing" title belts, etc.

Now I'm also going to try to be objective on this subject. Some points to consider (which is basically the same stuff I said in the WC.com board):

* It's well known that Gonzalez and Brody didn't really like each other.
* Brody was very tough to do business with. He'd rarely job.  He was over huge and did big business everywhere so promoters still brought him no matter what.
* Bruiser Brody's reputation is legendary.  He was known as a tough guy worldwide and it's know that even though he was a gentle person outside the business, he had a natural violent temper when dealing with promoters or other wrestlers.  Some say that he'd get mad when asked to do a job.

So the story goes like this.  Gonzalez went to the infamous shower with Brody to tell him the booking plans (they wanted him to job to Dan Spivey).  He claimed he carried a knife hidden under a towel with himself "just in case".  It was pointed out in the WC board how people don't really carry knives "just in case", but this is Bruiser Brody we are talking about, so keep that in mind. In my opinion, those are not "enough" reasons to have him carry a knife ... but it gives him a previous "base" to carry one.

So when both guys were in the locker room, what happened?  We will never really know, but here's some possibilities, maybe the strongest ones:

1) Invader just went there and killed Brody for no reason. I say this is false.  If Gonzalez REALLY wanted to kill Brody from the start, why would he do it there in front of everybody?  He could have paid somebody to do it in a "clean" way.  He definitely had the money and the contacts to do so.

2) Both guys went there, Invader told Brody to do a job, Brody attacked him, and he defended himself with the knife.  Even though some Brody fans don't seem to want to accept it, this IS a possibility, especially knowing how, like Jim said, Brody always landed the first punch.

3) Both guys went there, Invader told Brody to do a job, Brody gave him a nasty stare, Gonzalez overreacted in fear and stabbed Brody.  If I had to bet money, I'd bet this is what happened.  Gonzalez is somebody who was/is feared and respected before the Brody incident, but he's not a legit tough guy like Brody was.  He probably thought Brody would try to hurt him, panicked, and stabbed him.  Maybe Brody even threatened him before.  It's unknown to me if Brody ever threatened Gonzalez, or vice versa.

Either way, all points lead to the conclusion that unless the Puerto Rican court system is THAT incompetent, there was a huge cover-up and the trial was a total joke.

But all in all, there's tons of versions of Brody's death, and tons of contradictions as well.  I'm really interested in reading Manuel's version of the incident.  He probably knows stuff that we don't know.

From: Manuel O. González

Jim Zordani did a great review on the case of the murder of Bruiser Brody.  Nobody knows exactly what happened.  I don't believe that doing the job was a cause because at WWC, they knew that he didn't do jobs, so we probably have to eliminate doing the job as a cause.

Here are other events that probably were the reason for it.

Early on 1988, January 30 to be exact, there was a tag team match between Bruiser Brody and Rocky Johnson against Japanese wrestlers Kendo Nagasaki and Mr. Pogo.  As you probably know, Brody was a star for one of the top promotions on Japan, All Japan, and Pogo and Nagasaki worked for other promotion (don't remember which one).  By coincidence, there was a Japanese magazine photographer on the show that night.  Brody didn't allowed Nagasaki and Pogo to do offense and basically Brody did a brawl, and the Japanese had no other option but to go to the dressing room.  When Brody reached the dressing room after the match, it was said that a heatable argument began between him, Colón and Invader (at the time, the WWC booker).  Brody left the island returning in March and later the last weekend of his life.

The second argument, is that Brody attacked Maelo Huertas, Invader's brother, in a televised match (you can find this match on the WWC Bruiser Brody video at sale at some web sites), so wild that Maelo couldn't wrestle for weeks.  It is said that this event could also be possible as a cause for revenge.

Money is not believed to be a reason.  These are the two other causes of the incident.

Invader was in jail for a day (July 18-July 19) when he was released on a $125,000 bond that WWC (Carlos Colón) paid.  The ambulance took 45 minutes to reach the building.  Invader left the building and returned back in 45 minutes and did his match.  He changed his clothes and it is probably that he left with the object he used as it wasn't found.   The next day show was canceled because wrestlers refused to go to Mayagüez to do the show, and there were over 5000 fans waiting for the show.

Invader was kept out of the promotion until he was adquitted of the charges, self defense murder, in mid-January, 1989.  Charges were dropped mainly because there were no people to testify against Invader 1 and that no weapon was found.

Dutch Mantel, Tony Atlas and Mark and Chris Youngblood, all of who were witness at some point, never testified, but all worked for WWC later.  Youngbloods worked for the last time in 1997 and Atlas worked a tour in 2000.  Mantel has been working from1999 to the end of 2000 as the booker until apparently being fired on 12/17/2000 for reasons you can find at the prwnews group and egroups.com.

WWC had big plans for 1988 as they were planning to do PPV from Puerto Rico, but everything went down.  Also, NWA was sold by Crockett that year and business went down to the point that WWC changed it's name to World Wrestling Council Inc. from Capitol Sports Promotions and worked in bankrupcy for a while.  I'm not sure, but I believe Brody died of a bilis contamination on his body.

Well, this is a little explanation.  Hope all get the idea of the event.

I wrote to the group asking for in-ring information and work of Invader and Carlos Colón at the US and Canada (in Colón case) in the 60's and 70's.  Does anybody know the exact birthdate of Invader 1?

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